Division of Crop Improvement

Division of Crop Improvement is one of the important divisions of ICAR- Indian Vegetable Research Institute, Varanasi. Research activities in the division are being undertaken mainly on germplasm collection, evaluation and maintenance of vegetable crops; breeding of vegetable varieties/hybrids for high yield, disease resistance and other premium traits and mapping and tagging of genes for useful traits. This division is actively engaged in research on 44 major and minor vegetable crops under two mega programmes. The division is fully equipped with the state of the art research laboratories and modern equipment for carrying out innovative research on vegetable crops.

Mega Programme-1: Integrated Gene Management

  1. Genetic Improvement of Tomato
  2. Genetic Improvement of Brinjal
  3. Genetic Improvement of Chilli
  4. Genetic Improvement of Pea
  5. Genetic Improvement of Cowpea
  6. Genetic Improvement of Indian bean and French bean.
  7. Genetic Improvement of seed propagated gourds
  8. Genetic Improvement of Luffah
  9. Genetic Improvement of Pumpkins and Cucumber
  10. Genetic Improvement of Melons
  11. Genetic Improvement of Okra
  12. Genetic Improvement of Cole crops and Root crops
  13. Biotechnological interventions including Transgenics for managing stresses in vegetables
  14. Genetic Improvement of under exploited & future vegetables
  15. Genetic Improvement of clonally propagated & perennial vegetables

Mega Programme-2: Seed Enhancement in Vegetables

  1. Priming, Coating, ovule conversion and seed enhancement.
  2. Pollination studies for seed augmentation in vegetables including support of honey bees.
  3. Drying and storage studies on vegetable seeds including modified atmosphere storage

Externally Funded Projects

  1. Introgression of Begomovirus Resistance Genes in Tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L.) through MAS and Genomic Approaches,DBT
  2. National Innovations in Climate Resilient Agriculture (NICRA),ICAR
  3. CRP on Hybrid Technology Project,ICAR
  4. Network Project on Transgenic Crops (NPTC), ICAR
  5. CRP on Agrobiodiversity, ICAR
  6. Central Sector Scheme for Protection of Plant Varieties and Farmer’s Rights Authority, PPVFRA
  7. Agri Business Incubator (ABI), ICAR
  8. Zonal Technology Management Unit (ZTMU), ICAR
  9. Cowpea golden mosaic disease (CPGMD) resistance: Agroinfectious clone development, Screening, Genetics of inheritance, Molecular Tagging and Mapping for CPGMD resistance gene(s) in cowpea by using linked markers DST SERB
  10. Monecious sex expression in muskmelon (Cucumis melo L.): Inheritance and molecular mapping of monoecisum using linked markers. DST SERB