Vikas Singh

Dr Vikas Singh, Principal Scientist & I/c Head IIVR-Regional Research Station, Sargatia
Field of Specialisation: Vegetable Breeding (Cucurbits)
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M.Sc: ND University of Agriculture &Technology, Faizabad, Uttar Pradesh
PhD: ND University of Agriculture & Technology, Faizabad, UP
Post Doc (if any):
Joining date in ICAR : 
2015-11-24 00:00:00

Publications (Top 10 Publications having NAAS rating above 6.0 with first or corresponding author only):
  1. Divekar PA, Narayana S, Divekar BA, Kumar R, Gadratagi BG, Ray A, Singh AK, Rani V, Singh V, Singh AK, Kumar A, Singh RP, Meena RS and Behera TK (2022). Plant Secondary Metabolites as Defense Tools against Herbivores for Sustainable Crop Protection. International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 23:2690.

  2. Dubey RK, Upadhyay G, Singh V, Pandey S (2020). Antioxidant potential and free radical scavenging activity of Parkia roxburghii, G. Don, a lesser known leguminous tree from North East India. South African Journal of Botany, 131:454-461.

  3. Nadeem MA, Singh V, Dubey RK, Pandey AK, Singh B, Kumar N and Pandey S (2018). Influence of phosphorus and bio-fertilizers on growth and yield of cowpea [Vigna unguiculata (L.) Walp.] in acidic soil of NEH region of India. Legume Research, 41 (5): 763-766.

  4. Kushwaha JK, Pandey AK, Dubey RK, Singh V, Mailappa AS and Singh S (2017). Screening of cowpea [Vigna unguiculata (L.) Walp.] for aluminium tolerance in relation to growth yield and related traits. Legume Research, 40 (3): 434-438. 

  5. Khatoon U, Dubey RK, Singh V, Upadhyay G and Pandey AK (2016). Selection parameters for fruit yield and related traits in Luffa acutangula (Roxb.) L. Bangladesh Journal of Botany , 45(1): 75-84.

  6. Kushwaha JK, Pandey AK, Dubey RK, Singh V and Mailappa AS (2016). Aluminium toxicity on cowpea genotypes and its effect on plant and soil characteristics. Legume Research, 39 (6): 921-925.

  7. Dubey RK, Singh V, Upadhyay G, Pandey AK and Prakash G (2015). Assessment of phytochemical composition and antioxidant potential in some indigenous chilli genotypes from North East India. Food Chemistry, 188: 119-125.

  8. Yatung T, Dubey RK, Singh V, Upadhyay G and Pandey AK (2014). Selection parameters for fruit yield and related traits in chilli (Capsicum annuum L.). Bangladesh Journal of Botany, 43(3): 283-291.

  9. Dubey RK, Singh V, Devi K and Kartek K (2013). Response of calcium application on yield and skin damage of potato tubers. Indian Journal of Horticulture, 70(3): 383-386.

  10. Singh V, Singh PK, Kumar K, Shahi, BP and Dwivedi SV (2003). Genetic variability, heritability and genetic advance for yield and its attributing traits in arvi (Colocasia esculanta var. antiquorum)Indian Journal of Horticulture, 60 (4): 376-380.

Patent / Technologies / Varieties / Methodologies / System etc. (Five only):
  1. Pumpkin Hybrid Variety-Kashi Shishir-VRPKH-1
  2. Water melon Variety- Kashi Mohini
  3. Round Melon Variety- Kashi Hari
  4. Bottle gourd Variety- NDBG-104 (Narendra Jyoti) and NDBG-132
  5. Guided 06 M.Sc. Students
Awards / Recognitions / Fellowship (Five only):
  1. Scientist of the Year-2017 in the field of Seed Science & Technology by Society of Biological Sciences and Rural Development, New Jhusi, Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh
  2. Emerging Scientist Award-2018 by Agricultural Technology Development Society (ATDS), Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh
  3. Fellow of International Society for Noni Science, Chennai, India
  4. Member of Selection Committee for recruitment of KVK Staff at MGKVK, Chauk Mafi, Gorakhpur (UP)