Dr. Jyoti Devi, Scientist
Field of Specialisation: Vegetable Science
Email ID: Jyoti.devi@icar.gov.in
M.Sc: Vegetable Science, CSK HPKV, Palampur
PhD: Vegetable Science, CSK HPKV, Palampur
Post Doc (if any): NA
Joining date in ICAR : 
2014-01-01 00:00:00

Publications (Top 10 Publications having NAAS rating above 6.0 with first or corresponding author only):
  1. Devi, J Mishra GP, Sagar V, Kaswan V, Dubey RK, Singh PM., Sharma SK, Behera TK. 2022.Gene-Based Resistance to Erysiphe Species Causing Powdery Mildew Disease in Peas (Pisum sativum L.). Genes, 13, 316. https://doi.org/ 10.3390/genes13020316

  2. Devi J, Dubey RK, Mishra GP, Sagar V, Verma RK, Singh PM, Singh J. 2021. Inheritance and stability studies of multi–flowering trait in vegetable pea (Pisum sativum L.), and its contribution in yield improvement. Sci. Horticulturae, 287, 110235 doi: 10.1016/j.scienta.2021.110235.

  3. Devi J, Sanwal SK, Koley TK, Mishra GP, Karmakar P, Singh PM and Singh B. 2019. Total phenolics and antioxidant capacities of various green-pea (Pisum sativum L.) genotypes and its association with yield. Sci Horticulturae. 244: 141-150.doi: 10.1016/j.scienta.2018.09.048.

  4. Devi J, Mishra GP, Sanwal SK, Dubey RK, Singh PM and Singh B. 2018. Development and characterization of penta-flowering and triple-flowering genotypes in garden pea (Pisum sativum L. var. hortense). Plos One 13(7): e0201235 (1-15). doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0201235.

  5. Mishra GP, Dikshit HK, Kumari J, Priti, Tripathi K, Devi J, Aski M, Mehra R, Sarker A, Kumar S. 2020. Identification and Characterization of Novel Penta-Podded Genotypes in the Cultivated Lentil. Crop Sci.1–12. doi: 10.1002/csc2.20156.

  6. Sagar V, Pragya, Bhardwaj R, Devi J, Singh SK, Singh PM, Singh J. 2022. The inheritance of betalain pigmentation in Basella alba L. South African Journal of Botany. doi:10.1016/j.sajb.2022.01.033

  7. Devi J, Sood S and Sagar V. 2019. Deciphering genetics of Bell pepper for agro-morphological and quality traits through generation mean analysis. Indian Journal of Horticulture. 76(4):645-652. doi.10.5958/0974 0112.2019.00104.X.

  8. Devi J, Sood S, Vidyasagar and Singh Y. 2015. Inheritance of bacterial wilt resistance and performance of horticultural traits in bell pepper (Capsicum annuum var. grossum). Indian J. Agric. Sci. 85 (10): 1498–1503. 

  9. Devi J and Sood S. 2018. Genetic study of horticultural traits in bell pepper (Capsicum annuum var. grossum) through generation mean analysis. Agric. Res. doi:10.1007/s40003–018–0298–6

  10. Devi J, Sharma A, Singh Y, Katoch V and Sharma KC. 2015. Genetic variability and character association studies in French bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) under North–Western Himalayas. Leg. Res. 38 (2): 149–156.

Patent / Technologies / Varieties / Methodologies / System etc. (Five only):
  1. Developed unique penta-podded line in vegetable peas VRPM-905-1 (INGR19077)
  2. Developed unique single flowered line in vegetable peas,VRPSel-17 (INGR21139)
  3. Developed various genetic stocks in peas : IC0626394, IC0626395, IC0626396, IC0626397, IC0626398, IC0626399, IC0626400, IC0626401 IC0626402; IC632629, IC 632630, IC632631, IC630592, IC0642307, IC0642308,IC0642309,IC0642310,IC0642311,IC0642312,IC0642313
  4. Developed the Vegetable Pea variety 'Kashi Purvi (Early).
  5. Developed the edible podded Pea variety 'Kashi Tripti.
Awards / Recognitions / Fellowship (Five only):
  1. Bioved Young Scientist Award , 2021
  2. Best Woman Athlete Award in ICAR-Inter Institutional sports tournament- (North Zone); 2016
  3. ARS in discipline of Vegetable Science, 2013
  4. ICAR- NET in Vegetable Science, 2013
  5. DST INSPIRE fellowship for doctorate programme (IF-110509), 2011