Director's desk

Dr. Jagdish Singh

Director (Actg.)

Healthy vegetable greetings to All!
Vegetables are important constituents of agriculture for attaining food and nutritional security.  It also has ability to generate on-farm and off-farm employment. An increase in availability, affordability and consumption of nutrient dense vegetables is one of the way to prevent malnutrition. India is bestowed with huge diversity of vegetables and are the largest contributors (59 %) of the total horticultural produce in the country. Area under vegetable cultivation is continuously increasing, mainly due to higher productivity, shorter maturity cycle, high value and greater income leading to improved livelihoods. Production of vegetables is touching new records every year, making it the most favoured agricultural commodity by the farmers. Production during 2019-20 was estimated to be 191.77 million tonnes from 10.4 million hectares, whereas it was less than 20 million tonnes during independence. This manifold increase needs to be sustainable to meet the demand of 1.5 billion people by 2030. The present trends of global climatic uncertainty exacerbate the need for a strong vegetable research & development program. It is extremely important to help farmers become more resilient in the face of greater warming, cooling, drought, salinity and flooding etc. or combination of these constraints so that they are better prepared to handle future climatically induced production uncertainties. There is an urgent need to reorient the research programs to manage the likely changes in biotic and abiotic stresses due to climatic changes. Breeding as well as cultural technologies such as grafting, IPM and growing crops under protected conditions will have to be further exploited. Since inception of this institute in 1992, we’ve been known for standout research activities, sustainability and veggie pride as well as valuing the vegetable industry of the country. These activities are woven into development of 92 varieties, as well as several improved production and protection technologies. Now, the institute’s developed varieties and technologies occupies areas from sea shore to snow line of the country.

I hope, with support of all the staff of the institute as the teammates, we will further achieve new heights in coming days.
With best regards,