Variety developed by IIVR

Kashi Suphal (VRPG-2)

Uttar Pradesh

Attractive light green with mild stripes, fleshy fruit with soft seed, long duration of fruit retention in plant, better keeping quality suitable for culinary purpose and sweet making. Yield between 18-20 t/ha. Recommended for cultivation in Uttar Pradesh, vide... show more

Kashi Poi-3

Uttar Pradesh

Fast growing plant having twinning growth habit, red stem and mid ribs, high betalain content, suitable for year round cultivation. Variety is excellent source of Carotenoids 635.9mg/100g FW with lower oxalate content (522.3 mg/100g FW). First picking starts 40 days... show more

Kashi Poi-2

Uttar Pradesh

Fast growing variety with bush type, green stems and leaves. Suitable for making saag, pakode, soup etc. Excellent source of Antioxidant 24.8 μ mol TE/g FW with slightly lower oxalate content 566.0 mg/100g FW. First picking starts 38-40 days after transplanting and... show more

Kashi Poi-1

Uttar Pradesh

Procumbent growth habit with soft and lush green shoots, leads to early picking with delayed flowering, green vines/stem with green succulent leaves, tolerant to water lodging upto 4-5 days. Variety is excellent source of Antioxidant 26.5 μ mol TE/g FW with low... show more

Kashi Ageti

Uttar Pradesh

Early maturing variety. Plant height 58-61cm. Bears 9-10 pods per plant. Pods are 9 -10 cm long, attractive, with 8-9 numbers of seeds per pod. Average pod weight is 9-10 g. Seed to seed duration is 95-100 days however, picking starts from 60-63 days after sowing.... show more