Variety developed by IIVR

Kashi Anupam

This is also developed by hybridization between L. esculentum cv. ‘Sel-7’ and L. hirsutum f. glabratum ‘B6013’, following backcross-pedigree selection. Plants are determinate, fruits large, flatish round (slightly indented at blossom end of fruit), attractive red... show more

Kashi Sharad

This is developed through pedigree selection from a cross MTH-6 x Kalyani Eunish. Plants are indeterminate, leaves broad, fruits attractive red, slightly oval, firm, thick pericarp, longer shelf life, weight 90 to 95 g; yield 400-500 q/ha.

Kashi Hemant

This has been developed through pedigree selection from a cross Sel-18 x Flora Dade. The plants are determinate, fruits attractive red and round, weight varies from 80 to 85 g; yield 400-420 q/ha.

Kashi Amrit

This is a determinate variety derived from inter-specific cross L. esculentum (cv. Sel. 7) x L. hirsutum f. glabratum (acc. B6013’) through backcross pedigree met;hod. Fruits are round, attractive red and fleshy with an average weight of 108 g. Suitable for... show more

Kashi Vishesh

This variety is resistant to TLCV and has been developed using L. hirsutum f glabratum B’6013’ as donor parent following backcross pedigree selection method. Plants are determinate, dark green, fruits red, spherical, size medium to large, weight of 80 g, first... show more