Variety developed by IIVR

Kashi Sinduri

Plants are spreading type, resistant to anthracnose disease, 50% flowering in 30-35 DAT, fruits and green and dark red at ripe stage (95-100 days after sowing), 10-12 cm long and 1.1-1.3 cm thick, pendant, non-pungent and high oleoresin content (15 percent). Average... show more

Kashi Gaurav

The plants are bushy, dark green foliage, very good general combiner, 50% flowering in 35-40 days after transplanting, fruits dark green and turn dark red when ripe after 95-100 days of sowing, 9-11 cm long and 1.1-1.2 cm thick, pendant and pungent. Average red ripe... show more

Kashi Krishna (VRCAR- 126)

Uttar Pradesh

Attractive black coloured roots along with self coloured core. Tolerant to bolting, fewer secondary roots/scars, suitable for salad, juice, halwa, kanji (fermented juice) and nutraceutical purpose. Rich source of anthocyanin (285 mg/100g FW), phenolics and... show more

Kashi Himani (IVBL-26)

Uttar Pradesh

Medium long, shiny white fruits with less seeds suitable for kharif purpose. Have medicinal value for diabetic patients. Variety is tolerant to fruit and shoot borer, moisture deficit and lodging. Yield 400- 430q/h. Recommended for cultivation in Uttar Pradesh... show more

Kashi Kiran (VRBG-4)

Uttar Pradesh

Light green attractive round fruits, tolerant to Downey Mildew. Fuit weight 600-700 g. Number of fruits 13-14/plant, average yield 45-48 t/ha. Recommended for cultivation in Uttar Pradesh & notified vide gazette notification number S.O. 692(E), dated 05.02.2019... show more