Variety developed by IIVR

Kashi Shivaani

Uttar Pradesh

Foliage is green, medium viny (3.5-5.25 m.) and fruiting at every node. First male and female flowers appear at node number 5-10 and 15-24, respectively. Fruits are green, long straight (20-30 cm and may increase on bower up to 40cm) with a diameter of 3-4 cm.... show more

Kashi Lohit (VRRAD-131-2)

Uttar Pradesh

Attractive red colour roots, iciclical root shape, suitable for salad dressing, excellent source of anti-oxidants (80-100 % higher than white radish), good source of vitamin C and phytochemicals i.e. Anthocynin and phenolics content. Tolerant to pithiness. Root... show more

Kashi Mooli-40 (VRRAD-203)

Uttar Pradesh

Tolerant to high temperature (35-42 °C), suitable for summer cultivation, delayed bolting less pithiness, iciclical root shape, attractive white colour, having root yield of 30-35 t/ha in normal season and 20-23 t/ha during summer season. Recommended for cultivation... show more

Kashi Shishir (VRPKH-01) F1 Hybrid

Uttar Pradesh

Early maturing hybrid with small round and mottled green fruits (2-2.25 kg), 3-4 fruits/plant. High yield (38-42 t/ha), can be grown in both the season summer as well as Kharif. Recommended for cultivation in Uttar Pradesh, vide gazette notification number S.O. 692(... show more

Kashi Amulya (VRPG-89)

Uttar Pradesh

Less seeded (5-8 seed/fruit as compared to 25-30 seeds in normal variety, suitable for confectionary purpose, more fleshy, attaractive light green fruit with sparsely distributed white stripes. Yield 20-22 t/ha. Recommended for cultivation in Uttar Pradesh, vide... show more