Kashi Unnati

This is a photo-insensitive variety. Plants of this variety are dwarf and bushy, height 40-50 cm, branches 4-5 per plant, early flowering (30-35 days after sowing), first harvesting at 40-45 days after sowing, produces 40-45 pods per plant. Pods are 30-35 cm long, light green, soft, fleshy and free from parchment. The cultivar is resistant to golden mosaic virus and Pseudocercospora cruenta, and gives green pod yield of about 125-150 q/ ha. This has been identified by Horticultural Seed Sub-Committee and Notified during XIII meeting of Central Sub-Committee on Crop Standard Notification and Release of Varieties for Horticultural Crops for the cultivation in Punjab, U.P., and Jharkhand.