Kashi Alankar

Kashi Alankar is a high yielding variety of pointed gourd developed through clonal selection at ICAR-IIVR. It is identified through State Variety Release Committee, Uttar Pradesh and release and notified by CVRC in the year 2007. Fruits are light green in colour and devoid of any white stripe with 6-7cm in length and 2-3 in diameter having an average fruit weight of 25-27g. Plants of this variety are capable of producing 120-130 fruits/vine. The average yield this variety is ranged from 180-190 quintal/ha. Recommended for release and cultivation in the states of U.P., Bihar, and Jharkhand. Vide gazette notification number 858(E) dated 01.06.2010.

  • Time of sowing/transplanting: Ideal planting time is mid August to October in upland and November in river bed.
  • Spacing :Planting /sowing 2m × 2m is generally recommended for pointed gourd.
  • Planting method: When mature vine is directly planted in the field then they are either planted in lachhi method also known as “8” method or moist lump method or straight method or ring method.
  • Ratio of male plant: For proper fruit setting about 10% male plant should be planted as pollinizer.
  • Nutrient management: Incorporate 20-25 ton/ha FYM or cow dung manure. 60 kg nitrogen, 40 kg phosphate and 40 kg potassium/ha is recommended NPK dose. Water soluble fertilizers can be applied along with water through drip irrigation system