Kashi Adarsh

The fruits of this variety are round and very firm with a pericarp thickness of 6 mm. Average fruit weight ranges from 80-115 g with 3-4 locules. The fruits are attractive red in colour. Variety has an average yield potential of 60 tonnes/ha. Resistant to tomato leaf curl virus disease. Variety carries an allele of Ty-3 gene. It has shown high level of resistance in field tests and artificial screening conducted by agroinoculation. Recommended for cultivation in Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra. Vide gazette notification number S.O. 3666 (E), 25.9.2016

  • Seed rate: 400g/ha
  • Sowing time: cultivation during Kharif and Rabi in recommended states.
  • Fertilizer: 100:60:60 NPK Kg/ha
  • Spacing: 75 x 40 cm