Nagendran Krishnan, Scientist (Plant Pathology)
Field of Specialisation: Plant Virology
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M.Sc: Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore
PhD: Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore
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Joining date in ICAR : 
2015-01-01 00:00:00

Publications (Top 10 Publications having NAAS rating above 6.0 with first or corresponding author only):
  1. Nagendran, K., Mohankumar, S., Aravintharaj, R., Balaji, C.G., Manoranjitham, S.K., Singh, A.K., Rai, A.B., Singh, B. and Karthikeyan, G., 2017. The occurrence and distribution of major viruses infecting cucurbits in Tamil Nadu state, India. Crop Protection99, pp.10-16.

  2. Nagendran, K., Satya, V.K., Mohankumar, S. and Karthikeyan, G., 2016. Molecular characterization of a distinct bipartite Begomovirus species infecting ivy gourd (Coccinia grandis L.) in Tamil Nadu, India. Virus Genes52(1), pp.146-151.

  3. Nagendran, K., Balaji, C.G., Mohankumar, S., Manoranjitham, S.K., Naidu, R.A. and Karthikeyan, G., 2015. First report of Zucchini yellow mosaic virus in snake gourd (Trichosanthes cucumerina) in India. Plant Disease99(4), p.558.

  4. Nagendran, K., Priyanka, R., Aravintharaj, R., Balaji, C.G., Prashant, S., Basavaraj, B., Mohankumar, S. and Karthikeyan, G., 2018. Characterization of Cucumber mosaic virus infecting snake gourd and bottle gourd in India. Physiological and Molecular Plant Pathology103, pp.102-106.

  5. Nagendran, K., Kumari, S., Kumar, R., Pandey, K.K. and Singh, J., 2022. Loop-mediated isothermal amplification assay for quicker detection of tomato leaf curl Joydebpur virus infection in chilli. Journal of Virological Methods, p.114474.

  6. Nagendran, K., Kumari, S., Krishnan, S., Dubey, V., Singh, A.K. and Kumar, R., 2019. First report of tomato leaf curl joydebpur virus infecting chilli (Capsicum annuum) in Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Plant Disease103(11), pp.2974-2974.

  7. Nagendran, K., Kumari, S., Dubey, V., Rai, A.B., Meena, B.R., Singh, A.K., Chinnappa, M. and Singh, B., 2019. First Report of Natural Occurrence of Watermelon Bud Necrosis Virus in Round Melon (Praecitrullus fistulosus) in India. Plant Disease103(4), pp.781-781.

  8. Nagendran, K., Venkataravanappa, V., Chauhan, N.S., Kodandaram, M.H., Rai, A.B., Singh, B. and Vennila, S., 2019. Viral diseases: a threat for tomato cultivation in Indo-Gangetic eastern plains of India. Journal of Plant Pathology101(1), pp.15-22.

  9. Priyanka, R., Nagendran, K., Aravintharaj, R., Balaji, C.G., Mohankumar, S., Renukadevi, P. and Karthikeyan, G., 2019. Characterization and management of watermelon bud necrosis virus infecting watermelon in India. European Journal of Plant Pathology153(3), pp.759-770.

  10. Kumari, S., Nagendran, K., Manimurugan, C., Pandey, K.K. and Singh, J., 2022. Diversity of tospoviruses infecting vegetable crops of eastern Indo-Gangetic plains of Uttar Pradesh and its impact on cowpea seed health. European Journal of Plant Pathology162(2), pp.403-414.

Patent / Technologies / Varieties / Methodologies / System etc. (Five only):
  1. Developed LAMP assay for detection of tomato leaf curl Joydebpur virus infecting chilli
  2. Documented several new viral disease reports (tospovirus, begomovirus, polerovirus, potyvirus and polerovirus) on vegetable crops for the first time in India
  3. Associated with 4 vegetable crop varieties of okra and sponge gourd
  4. Exploited chitin synthase gene and polygalacturonase gene for characterizing the Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. lycopersici in tomato
  5. Identified race of Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. lycopersici infecting tomato crop in India
Awards / Recognitions / Fellowship (Five only):
  1. SERB-Early Career Award
  2. Best poster presentation awards in national and international conferences
  3. Best oral presentation in GPCP-2021 held at TNAU, Coimbatore