Kashi Tej (CCH-4) F1 Hybrid

CMS based F¬1 hybrid dual purpose (green and dry), early maturing hybrid variety, high pungency, tolerant to Anthrachrose, fruit rot disease and thrips. Plants yields (14.2t/ha). Recommended for cultivation in Uttar Pradesh, vide gazette notification number S.O. 692(E), dated 05.02.2019.

  • Seed rate: 300-400 g/ha
  • The fruit maturity is early; first green fruit picking can be taken 35-40 days after transplanting.
  • During the field preparation 20-30 t/ha compost or FYM should be applied. For chilli cultivation, N:P:K @ 120:80:80 kg/ha have been recommended. Full dose of phosphorus (P) and potash (K) should be applied as basal dose at the time of last field preparation. Dose of nitrogen (N) should be applied in three splits (1/3 as basal dose, 1/3 after 30 DAT and remaining 1/3 after 50 DAT).