Kashi Chaman VRO-109

Plant are medium tall (120-125 cm). Flowering starts in 39-41days after sowing and fruiting period lasts from 45-100 days. Fruits dark green with fruit length of 11-14 cm. Plants are resistant to YVMV and OLECV under field conditions. Yield 150-160 q/ha. Suitable for both summer and rainy season. Notified by CVRC as a variety also in February 2019 for UP state, vide gazette notification number S.O. 692(E), dated 05.02.2019.

  • Growing season: Suitable for both spring summer and rainy season.
  • Sowig time: February for spring summer crop and June for rainy season crop.
  • Seed rate: 12-14 kg/ha for spring summer crop and 8-10kg/ha for rainy season crop.
  • Spacing: 45 cm × 20 cm (spring summer crop) and 60 cm × 30 cm (rainy season crop)
  • Fertilizer dose: 100kg Nitrogen:50kg Phosphorus: 50 Kg Potassium/ha