A bid to boost Underexploited vegetable crops for Nutritional and Economic Security at ICAR-IIVR,Varanasi(UP)

Tue, 22 February 2022

ICAR-Indian Institute of Vegetable Research Varanasi conducted 21 days winter school training programme on Underexploited Vegetables: Unexplored treasure trove for Food, Nutritional and Economic Security” from 02 to 22 February 2022 that ended yesterday. The main objective of the training programme was to focus on nutritional, medicinal and economical importance of underexploited vegetables. Apart nutritional and medicinal importance, the participants were also exposed on historical and spiritual importance, potential,genetic resources diversity, nutritional, phytochemical compositions,organic protocols, microgreens as smart nutria-rich healthy food, processing and value addition, ITKs, application of ICTs and suitability of these crops in small farming system, modern irrigation techniques, application of biotechnological & bioinformatics tools in systemic study of the underutilized vegetables. The training programme was led by Dr. Rakesh Kr Dubey, Principal Scientist and coordinated by Dr. Indivar Prasad and Dr. Nakul Gupta scientists of the institute. A total of 25 faculty/ scientist/SMS and other participants from across the country participated in the training programme. Presiding over the valedictory function Vice chancellor, Jannayak Chandrashekhar University, Ballia, Uttar Pradesh Prof. Kalplata Pandey emphasized to explore the unexploited potential of underutilized vegetables on various aspects like adoption to biotic and abiotic stresses, nutritional and therapeutic uses, climatic resilience and scaling up of these crops at commercial level. Prof. Pandey also urged the participants to keenly involve in systematic study of the underexploited vegetables which are the future crop of nutritional security and economic prosperity of the nation. He also emphasized on inclusion of the these underexploited vegetable crops in UG and PG courses for greater exposure to the students and appealed to scientist for framing the network programme for collection, characterization and proper documentation of underexploited vegetables of the country and to develop the package of practices of these vegetables. The relevance of the winter school in respect to nutritional security and economic prosperity in the country through underexploited vegetables and importance of consumption of Underexploited vegetables which has attracted huge attention since several epidemiological and biochemical studies have consistently demonstrated a significant correlation between their regular intake and reduced rates of degenerative diseases was also highlighted by Dr. T. K. Behera, Director of the Institute. Finally training was concluded with distribution of certificate to the participants.