Kashi Shreya / काशी श्रेया


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Vine length 3 to 5.5 m, fruits cylindrical and dark green. Plants starts flowering at 45 days after planting. Fruit diameter 3-3.75 cm and fruit weight 100 to 150 g. Fruits starts maturing after 105-115 days. Resistance to downy mildew, Powdery mildew and Sponge Gourd Mosaic Virus under field condition. Tolerant to leaf minor, fruit fly and red pumpkin beetle. Suitable for river bed cultivation. Recommended for Zone IV (Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand), vide gazette notification number 692 (E), 05.02.2019

  • Fertilizer of 100:80:60 kg N.P.K./ha
  • Seed rate: 3.5 kg/ha
  • Sowing time -First fort night of July and First fort night of February
  • Spacing-3.5 m row to row and 75 cm plant to plant.
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50 gm


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