Areas of Interest: 

Born in village Bariarpur, Munger, Bihar. Got basic education from my native place, completed B.Sc.(Ag) from Banaras Hindu University (2011), Varanasi and  M.Sc. (2013) & Ph.D. (2018) from ICAR-Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi with specialization in Genetics and Plant Breeding. My M.Sc. work was focoused on breeding of wheat varieties suitable for conservation agriculture and Ph.D. was on development of premium quality Basmati rice varieties with resistance to bacterial blight and blast diseases with the help of marker assisted backcrossing. Joined at ICAR-Indian Institute of Vegetable Research, Varanasi in 2017  as scientist. Currently I am associated with  improvement of okra (Abelmoschus esculentus) and leafy Vegetable including moringa. My main focus of research on okra is towards development of new plant type along with resistance to YVMV and OELCV diseases along with evelopment of GMS and CGMS in okra is also on priority. Also, associated with improvement of leay vegetables viz; Amaranth, Basella and Chenopodium with high nutrient and low anti-nutritional factors. Started breeding of annual moringa for its suitablity towards Northern part of the country. My major research expertise is towards genetics, plant breeding, molecular breeding and mapping of gene(s)/QTLs.

Patents, Technology, Methodology, Genetic Stock, Variety, etc.:: 

1. Associated with the development of Amaranthus Variety: Kashi Suhaavani (VRAM-42) for cultivation in the UP. 

2. First Report of Charcoal Rot Caused by Macrophomina phaseolina in Basella alba in India.  

  1. Based on my academic performance I was awarded, ICAR-JRF (plant sciences) 2011; CSIR/ UGC-JRF/SRF in Life Sciences 2013, 2014; IARI merit medal for significant academic achievements during M.Sc. in 2014; ICAR SRF’ in Crop Sciences 2014; Assam Government Gold Medal for significant Ph.D. research work in Rice 2017. My previous work has recieved four best poster awards in national and international conferences.  


Member: Indian Society of Genetics and Plant Breeding, New Delhi, India

Member: Indina Society of Vegetable Science, Varanasi, India

Member: Indian Academy of Horticultural Sciences, New Delhi, India

Member: Indian Society of Plant Genetic Resources, New Delhi, India


Sagar, V., Dhawan, G., Gopala Krishnan, S. et al. (2020). Marker assisted introgression of genes governing resistance to bacterial blight and blast diseases into an elite Basmati rice variety, ‘Pusa Basmati 1509’. Euphytica 216:16

Sagar V, Gopala Krishnan S., et al. (2018).Development of Basmati rice genotypes with resistance to both bacterial blight and blast diseases using marker assisted restricted backcross breeding. Indian J. Genet.78(1): 36-47

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Sagar V., Yadav R., Jain N., Gaikwad KB. and Prabhu KV. (2014). Consolidating the yield gain by exploiting genotype x management interaction in wheat. Indian J. Genet. 74: 157-165