Dr. Kuldeep Srivastava

Principal Scientist
Areas of Interest: 

Biological Control, Host Plant Resistance, IPM

    1. CHAI –JSIL Fellow Award-2019, New Delhi.

    2. Distinguished Scientist Award-2018, Science & Tech society for Integrated Rural Improvement, Telangana

    3. Best Oral Presentation Award In: International Conference on Indigenous Technologies for Sustainable Agriculture and Better Tomorrow at NBRI, Lucknow, India. (9th -10th January, 2016).

    4. Best Oral Presentation Award In: International Conference on Changing Scenario of Pest Problems in Agri-horti Ecosystem and Their Management at MPUAT, Udaipur, Rajasthan, India. (27th-29th November, 2014).
    5. Best Poster Presentation Award In:  Recent Advances in Beneficial Insects at IINRG, Ranchi,Jharkhand, India. (27th-29th November, 2013) 
  1. Fellow, Entomological Society of India (FESI), New Delhi

  2. Fellow, Confederation of Horticultural Association of India (FCHAI), New Delhi

  3. Fellow, Society of Plant Protection Sciences (FSPPS), New Delhi

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