Main profile profile for vijaya.rani

Areas of Interest: 

Biofuel, Climate change, Greenhouse gases, Methane mitigation, PGPR, Biofertilizers, Abiotic and biotic stress management through microbial agents, Postharvest disease management, Biodegradation of pesticides 

Major Research Accomplishments: 

Validated the role of β-glucosidase enzyme in catalyzing the rate limiting step of biomass hydrolysis for biofuel production

Developed baseline information on diversity of methane oxidizing bacteria from flooded paddy field of different agroecological regions of India

Developed field scale technology for minimizing methane emission from flooded paddies through the use of methane oxidizing plant growth promoting bacterial inoculants

Studied microbial diversity in the desert regions of Jaisalmer for abiotic stress management using microbes 

Isolated potential bacterial and fungal biocontrol agents effective against postharvest pathogens

Isolated microbes involved in degradation of fungicide kresoxim methyl


IARI Merit Medal Award for outstanding performance in M.Sc. Programme at IARI, New Delhi


UGC- SRFScholarship (Rank-67; June, 2014) for PhD programme at IARI, New Delhi

ICAR Junior Research Fellowship in Plant Science for M.Sc. programme

Qualified CSIR- NET for lectureship in June- 2014 with AIR- 67

AIR-2 in Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI) PhD Entrance Examination- 2014

AIR-2 in AICE- JRF/SRF PhD exam


Rani V., Dash S., Nain L., Arora A. (2015).  Expression of novel glucose tolerant β-glucosidase on cell surface by Rhodotorula glutinis isolate. Biocatalysis and Agricultural Biotechnology.  4(3): 380-387.

Rani V., Mohanram S., Tiwari R., Nain L., and Arora A. (2014).Beta-Glucosidase: Key Enzyme in Determining Efficiency of Cellulase and Biomass Hydrolysis. Bioprocessing and Biotechniques. 5(1): 1-8.

Saritha M., Arora A., Choudhary J., Rani V., Singh S., Sharma A., Sharma S., Nain L. (2016). The Role and Applications of Xyloglucan Hydrolase in Biomass Degradation/Bioconversion. In: Gupta V. (Ed.) Microbial Enzymes in Bioconversions of Biomass. Biofuel and Biorefinery Technologies, vol 3. Springer, Cham.

Rani V., Nain L. and Arora A. (2014). Augmentation of Cellulase Cocktail with β- glucosidase for enhanced sugar yields, G.C. Mishra (Ed.), Conceptual Framework and Innovations in Agroecology and Food Sciences (pp. 31-34). New Delhi: Krishi Sanskrit Publications.