Principal Scientist & I/c Head
Areas of Interest: 

Vegetable Seeds and Crop Improvement

Major Research Accomplishments: 

34.5 years in Agricultural Research Service (ARS) which includes 9.5 years in arid zone fruits at CAZRI, RRS, Bikaner and 25 years on vegetable seeds and crop improvement at IIVR, Varanasi. Completed five in-house projects as Principal Investigator (PI) and two as Co-Principal Investigator. Presently working on “Seed enhancement in vegetables” and "Integrated Gene Management" as Programme Leader.

Looked after NSP(Vegetables) as nodal officer in the institute from 1995-2007 and AICRP (Vegetables) as Chairman PC Cell from 2005-2010 & as I/c PC for one year during 2014-15. Has been centre PI of the ICAR AP Cess project “Application of MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) in the storability of high value seeds of vegetables” and nodal officer at IIVR for the projectSeed Production in Agricultural Crops & Fisheries i.e. Mega Seed Project”. Presently PI of three other than in-house projects at IIVR, Varanasi viz. ‘National Innovations in Climate Resilient Agriculture (NICRA)’, ‘Agri-Business Incubation Unit’ and ‘Zonal Technology Management Unit’.

Patents, Technology, Methodology, Genetic Stock, Variety, etc.:: 

Innovations: Innovated two water saving devices viz. ‘Jaltripti’ and ‘Jalshuddhi’ for arid areas. ‘Jaltripti’ for planting/establishing saplings in field with very limited water and ‘Jalshuddhi’ for utilizing saline water available in that area for planting/establishing saplings.

Genetic Stock : Tropical Kale, 3-5 podded pea.

Varieties :

Notified through CVRC- 1variety & 1hybrid at National level and 16varieties & 3hybrids for UP State

Identified through AICRP(VC)– 1variety

Identified through Institute Technology Identification Committee – 3varieties



  1. Awards:

    Best Research Paper Award – 2001(Indian Society of Seed Tech.), 2017 & 2019 (Indian Society of Veg. Sci.)

    Fellowship Award – 2009 (Society for Recent Development in Agriculture)

    Award for continuous & sustained efforts for the progress of seed science & technology – 2013(Indian Society of Seed Tech.)


    • Member of Central Variety Release Committee – 2015-2017
    • Member of Institute Management Committee of ICAR-DSR, Mau–2015
    • Panelist at MS Swaminathan Research Foundation, Chennai in the session on“Pulses for Addressing Malnutrition” during Regional  Consultation  on  “Enhancing  Productivity  and  Profitability of Pulses for Addressing Food and Nutritional Security” held from August 7‐9, 2016.
    • Technical evaluator for ARISE programme of ZTM & BPD unit of IARI.
    • Expert member on the selection committee for selection to the post of “Asstt. Prof. (Hort.) at BHU, Varanasi
    • Member of committee for probation clearance of scientist at ICAR-RCER, Patna.
    • Commercial expert in Agrinnovate India Ltd. (AgIn)–2017.
    • Examiner for Ph.D. degree at JNKVV, Jabalpur, SHUATS, Allahabad and ANDUAT, Ayodhya.
    • Visiting faculty for different National Training Programmes at “National Seed Research and Training Centre, Varanasi” from 2010.
    • Member of DPC for scientists at ICAR-IISC, Mau and ICAR-IIOPR, Pedavegi.
    • Chairman of DPC for scientists at ICAR-IIVR, Varanasi.
    • Expert member on the selection committee for selection to the post of Professor at MPUAT, Udaipur.
    • Guest speaker in National Training Programme at CSAUA&T, Kanpur.
    • Member of State Advisory Committee of 5th UP Agricultural Science Congress held in Feb. 2020

Fellow Indian Academy of Horticultural Sciences


Research papers -    66

Research articles -   91

Authored books -    05

Edited Books     -    03

Chapters in Books -  26

Tech. Bulletins    -    08

Training Manuals -  14

Institute Annual Reports - 12

AICRP(VC) Annual Reports - 15

AICRP(VC) Proceedings  -    13

Professional Abstracts  -    35

Institute Newsletters    -    22