Pradip Karmakar

Areas of Interest: 

Presently working on the genetic improvement of Okra, muskmelon and pointed gourd. The main research interests are in the development of pre breeding lines in okra, melon and pointed gourd, yield potential breeding line with high degree of resistance to YVMV and OLCV in okra, male sterile lines in okra, interspecific gene transfer in okra and melon, development of gynoecious lines in melon, breeding nutri-rich genotypes of melon, okra and gourd, Marker assisted breeding and ideotype breeding.

Patents, Technology, Methodology, Genetic Stock, Variety, etc.:: 

1. Two varieties of pointed gourd (Kashi Suphal and Kashi Amulya), one bottle gourd variety (Kashi Kiran), one variety (Kashi Jyoti) and one hybrid (Kashi Saumya) in sponge gourd, one radish (Kashi Lohit) and one cauliflower (Kashi Gobhi-25) have been identified by SVRC Uttar Pradesh and notified & released by CVRC for cultivation in Uttar Pradesh. In addition to these one variety (Kashi Shreya) and one hybrid (Kashi Rakshita) of sponge gourd also identified through AICRP (VC) and notified & released by CVRC for zone IV.

 2. Yield potential advance line with high degree of tolarance to YVMV and ELCV i.e., VRO-110, VRO-113, VRO-115, VRO-119, VRO-120, VRO-125, VRO-145 were developed

  1. 1. Best poster award presented in the First Vegetable Science Congress on Emerging Challenges in Vegetable Research and Education (VEGCON-2019) 1-3 February, 2019 at Agriculture University, Jodhpur.

    2. Best poster award presented in the International Conference on Sustainable Agriculture Development in Changing Scenario. 11-13th October, 2019, BHU, Varanasi




1. University merit fellowship during B.Sc (Hort) programme

2. Junior Research Fellowship during M.Sc (Vegetable Science) programme sponcered by Indian Council of Agricultural Research, New Delhi, India

3.Senior Research Fellowship during Ph.D (Vegetable Science) programme sponcered by ICAR- Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi, India