DR SURYA NATH SINGH CHAURASIA, Principal Scientist and Ex. Head
Field of Specialisation: Protected cultivation, IPNM, Org. Farming, Nursery Raising,
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M.Sc: M.Sc. (Ag.) Horticulture
PhD: Ph. D. in Vegetable Science
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Joining date in ICAR : 
1991-12-03 00:00:00

Publications (Top 10 Publications having NAAS rating above 6.0 with first or corresponding author only):
  1. Koley, T.K., Sudhir Singh, Khemaria Priti, Ananta Sarkar, Charanjeet Kaur, Chaurasia, S.N.S. and  Naik, P.S. 2013.Evaluation of bioactive properties of indian carrot (Daucus carota L)A chemometric approach, Food Research International, http;//,1016/j.foodres, 2013, 12,006 (NAAS-12.48)

  2. Swati Sharma, S. N. S. Chaurasia,  Jagdish Singh, Shailesh Tiwari, Basudev Kole, T.K.Behera. 2022. Bioactive properties and enzymatic activities in long and round type eggplant (Solanum melongena L.): Inferences for process able traits.Scientia Horticulturae., (302):1-7. (NAAS-9.46)

  3. Singh, J., Rai, M., Upadhyay, A.K., Bahadur, A., Chaurasia, S.N.S. and Singh, K.P. 2006. Anti-oxidant phytochemicals in broccoli (Brassica oleracea L. var. itallica) cultivars . J. Food Sci. Technol. 43 (4): 391-93. (NAAS-8.70)

  4. Swati Sharma, Prasad R.N, Tiwari S., Chaurasia S.N.S., Shekhar S., Singh ,  J. 2021. Effect of chitosan coating on postharvest quality and enzymatic activity of eggplant (Solanum melongena L.) cultivars.J. Food Process. Preserv. 2021; 45:e15098. (NAAS-8.19)

  5. Khemaria Preti, Sudhir Singh, Namrata jaiswal and Chaurasia S.N.S.  2016. Isolation and identification of Lactobacillus plantarum from vegetable sample . Food Biotechnology 30(1): 49-62. (NAAS-7.56)

  6. Chaurasia, S.N.S., Nirmal De., Singh, K.P. and Kalloo, G. 2002. Azotobactor improves shelf life of tomato.  Indian J. Agric. Sci.71 (12):765-7. (NAAS-6.37)

  7. Nirmal De., Chaurasia, S.N.S, Singh K.P. and Kalloo G. 2002. Analysis of chemical composition influencing shelf- life of tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum).Indian J. Agric. Sci.72 (1): 29-31. (NAAS-6.37)

  8. Bahadur, A., Lama, T.D. and Chaurasia, S.N.S.  2015 .Gas exchange, chlorophyll fluorescence, biomass production, water use and yield response of tomato (Solanum lycopersicum) grown under deficit irrigation and varying nitrogen levels. Indian J. Agric. Sci., 85(2), pp.224-28. (NAAS-6.37)

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  10. Chaurasia, S.N.S. and Major Singh. 1998. Genetic divergence in tomato. Indian J. Pl. Genet. Resources. Indian J. Pl. Genet. Resour. 11(2):203-206. (NAAS-5.54)

Patent / Technologies / Varieties / Methodologies / System etc. (Five only):
  1. Variety Kashi Bathua-2 Bathua green leaf type
  2. Variety Kashi Bathua-4 Bathua Red leaf type
  3. Variety Kashi Uttam- Brinjal round fruited variety
  4. Methodology-In cowpea variety cv. IVRCP-4 the maximum mean yield (133.25 q/ha) and highest C: B ratio (1:2.50) was obtained with application of vermicompost @ 2.5 t/ha + half recommended dose of NPK
  5. Methodology-The maximum mean yield of Broccoli (358.07 q/ha) along with highest C: B ratio (1:3.59) was obtained with application of application of Poultry manure @ 5 t/ha + half recommended dose of NPK (60:30:30 kg/ha) in hybrid Fiesta.
Awards / Recognitions / Fellowship (Five only):
  1. Fellowhip Award- Indian Society of Vegetable Science, Varanasi. 2011.
  2. Fellowship Award Horticulture Society of India, New Delhi , 2015.
  3. Fellowship Award - International Society for Noni Science, Chennai, 2020.
  4. Fellowship Award - Indian Potato Association, Shimla, 2021.
  5. Life Time Achievement Award,-V. Good International Society for Engineering, Science and Medicine, , Chennai.