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Senior Scientist
Areas of Interest: 

My primary research interests are (I) Development of high yielding varieties, and promising parental/CMS lines having better combining ability & heterotic hybrids; (II) Identification of stress tolerance genotypes (heat, humid, black rot, etc); (III) Tropicalization of typically temperate vegetables; (IV) Development of robust CMS lines to facilitate hybrid breeding & ecomonize seed production of F1 hybrids; and (V) Improvement in nutrient/vitamins/colour/antioxidants/anthocyanins/pigment/bioactive content in genotypes/varieties/hybrids of cole crops (Cauliflower, Cabbage, Kale), root vegetables (Radish, Carrot) and leafy greens (Leafy chenopod, Beet leaf). 


Major Research Accomplishments: 

(1) Developed varieties/CMS lines/Hybrids of tropical cauliflower forming curds at 20-30 °C temp [Kashi Gobhi-25 (Kataki maturity); CMS lines/Hybrids (Curding at 22-30 °C temp; creamish-white to white compact curds)]. 

(2) Developed varieties/CMS lines/Hybrids of radish (White and Red root) suitable for cultivation during spring/summer/autumn/winter seasons [Kashi Lohit (Red root); Kashi Mooli-40; Kashi Aardra (Humid regions); CMS lines/Hybrids (spring/summer/autumn/winter seasons; entire/sinuate/lyrate leaf; tapered/cylindrical root shape)].

(3) Developed varieties/promising lines of red/orange/black/yellow carrots [Kashi Arun (Red root); Kashi Krishna (Black root)].

(4) Developed varieties/promising lines of leafy chenopod i.e. Bathua [Kashi Bathua-2 (Green leaf); Kashi Bathua-4 (Purplish-green leaf)].

(5) Developed varieties of Basella i.e. Poi [Kashi Poi-1 (Procumbent growth habit, Cordate leaf shape); Kashi Poi-2 (Bushy, Ovate leaf shape); Kashi Poi-3 (Twining growth habit, Purple coloured petiole and stem)].

(6) Developed varieties/promising lines of purple/green-podded vegetable French bean (Snap bean) [Kashi Rajhans (Thin pod, White seed); Kashi Baingani (Purple pod, pole type); IC 0611107 (Mizoram state); Kashi Agrim (Early, Autumn sowing, Short duration)].

(7) Tropicalization of temperate vegetables: Tropical kale (VRKALE-1, VRKALE-9); Tropical cabbage (VRCAB-111); Tropical orange carrot (VRCAR-141). 

Patents, Technology, Methodology, Genetic Stock, Variety, etc.:: 

VRRAD-201 (INGR20032, Radish): First Ogura-CMS line from Public Sector in India; Robust CMS system with better combining ability and heterosis; and Sinuate type of leaf shape i.e. leaf morphology (leaf division incision).

Kashi Kale-1 (INGR20035, VRKALE-1, Kale): A unique tropical kale- First of its kind in the world developed at ICAR-IIVR, Varanasi, UP; It doesn’t require vernalization; and bolts, flowers and sets seeds in spring season of Varanasi, UP having 11-24 °C temperature, 54-91% RH and 5.5 h day light during January-February i.e. 60 days before flowering.

Kashi Gobhi-25 (Cauliflower): Develops curds at 22-27 °C temperature i.e. first fortnight of November in Indo-Gangetic plain of North Indian (Katki maturity); and suitable for transplanting during 4th week of July to 2nd week of August. Curds are hemispherical in shape, whitish in colour and compact.

Kashi Arun (Carrot): Roots are attractive red in colour, self-coloured core, 21-23 cm in length, 110-125 g in weight, 8.5-9.0 °B TSS and Danvers (triangular) in shape. Ready to harvest in 85-95 days and produces marketable root yield of 300-350 q/ha.

Kashi Krishna (Black Carrot): Roots are black (solid purple) in colour, Danvers (triangular) in shape, ready to harvest in 95-105 DAS, self-coloured core, high yielding (200-250 q/ha), and richest source of anthocyanins (275-300 mg/ 100 g) and antioxidants. Suitable for salad, juice, halwa, nutraceutical and food supplement purposes.

Kashi Lohit (Red Radish): Attractive red coloured roots, 22-23 cm in length, ready to harvest in 40-42 DAS, yield potential of 40-50 t/ha, high in anthocyanins (4 mg/100g FW), good source of vitamin-C and higher antioxidant activity.

Kashi Mooli-40 (Radish): Develops root at 15-40 °C temperature, higher root yield (22-27 t/ha) during mid-April to mid-May harvesting, roots are ready to harvest in 45-50 days after sowing, tolerant to pithiness and delayed bolting.

Kashi Aardra (Radish): Attractive dark-green and soft leaves with entire leaf-margin, roots are retentive white, long and icicle in shape, and marketable yield is 45-50 t/ha.

Kashi Bathua-2 (Leafy chenopod or Bathua): Luxuriant plant growth, green coloured leaves, excellent source of vitamin C, vitamin A, folic acid, minerals, phenolics and antioxidants. Attains plant height of 1.8-2.0 m and produces biomass yield of 35-38 t/ha.

Kashi Bathua-4 (Leafy chenopod or Bathua): Luxuriant plant growth, purplish-green coloured leaves, good source of vitamin C, vitamin A, folic acid, minerals, phenolics and antioxidants. Attains plant height of 2.00-2.25 m and produces biomass yield of 40-42 t/ha.

Kashi Rajhans (French bean): Bushy in nature, better pod quality (thin, round, slightly curved, slower seed development, fleshy, free from parchment and smooth surface), and seed is white in colour.

Kashi Baingani (French bean): Pole in nature, purple coloured pod, better pod quality (round, slightly curved, fleshy, free from parchment and smooth surface), rich in anthocyanins (7.0-7.25 mg/100 g FW) & antioxidants, and seed is light brown in colour.

Kashi Agrim (French bean): Bush-type in growth habit, early in nature, short in duration, and flowers at 32-35 days after sowing with crop duration of 75-80 days autumn crop (early sowing) and 90-100 days as winter crop (normal sowing). The pods are green and bright in colour, fleshy, tender, straight, cylindrical and free from parchment. Resistant to sclerotinia rot disease and have pod yield potential of 125-150 q/ha.



Fellow, Indian Society of Vegetable Science (ISVS)

Joint Editor, Vegetable Science

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Junior Research Fellowship (ICAR)